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oEmbedding twitter updates with Java and WordPress


I’m really a big fan of oEmbed. My project Daily Fratze acts as oEmbed provider and consumer for example. Now I’m really happy that twitter announced that it now acts as an oembed provider: Introducing the statuses/oembed endpoint:… ^TS — Twitter API (@twitterapi) Dezember 8, 2011 (I’d even be happier if twitter would autodiscover […]

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Java stuff


Here is some Java stuff I’ve written over the last year for Daily Fratze. All of the stuff is in use on Daily Fratze since June 2011. java-akismet java-akismet is a simple client for Akismet based on the latest version of Apache HttpComponents. java-oembed I really like the idea of oEmbed: A mechanism for auto […]

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