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Preparing for Rails 2.3.9


As much as i wish to upgrade my Rails 2.3.x application Daily Fratze to the newest tag of the Rails 2.3.x branch, i cannot. First there was the epic fail of release 2.3.6, that broke all HTML Helpers and forced the Rails XSS protection upon us. This release was immediately followed by 2.3.7 and 2.3.8. […]

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Oh man, ich bin so verdammt wütend, ein Tweet reicht nicht aus. Es ist so zum kotzen, dass es Programmiersprachen wie PHP den Leuten so leicht machen, hübsche Sachen zu programmieren, die auseinander fallen, wenn man sie mal schief anschaut. “Hübsche Gui” und “Ich weiß, was ich da gerade in die Datenbank schreibe” sind zwei […]

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if you want something done right, do it yourself If you happen to use the mint tracking tool like me, be careful when migrating from a 32bit to a 64bit server or vice versa. Mint saves ip addresses and a buttload of checksums as signed long values. That bites you right in the ass when […]

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Comments are evil?


What can cause this snippet to fail: <% if !@day.user.is_rateable? # Workaround für Darstellungsfehler mit Tabellen ohne Bodies im Safari %> <!– blah –> <% end %><% if !@day.user.is_rateable? # Workaround für Darstellungsfehler mit Tabellen ohne Bodies im Safari %> <!– blah –> <% end %> This little snippet fell apart today. I don’t know […]

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Tired of all the powerpoint presentations…


Right now i’m in Wiesbaden, attending the JAX 2008 conference. The mood is somewhat different compared to the DOAG i used to visit the last years. The people are more open minded, partially much younger and generally try to be much cooler. And for the sake of it, some are even more interesting and after […]

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