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Beyond all evil: Javas definition of an object


Some days i ago, i decided to revamp my ambitions to get the scjp thingy done. What exactly for, i don’t know. But working to the self tests, i found the following: class Ring { final static int x2 = 7; final static Integer x4 = 8; public static void main(String[] args) { Integer x1 […]

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3 days with Linux


Since Tuesday i installed Debian Linux 4 times on my new Dell Vostro 200. The choice of hardware was kinda stupid. I thought, well this thing is not a special thingy but plain standard. Well, seems, it isn’t. The first setback was, that the Debian installer booted from CD-Rom but didn’t recognize it afterwards. Yippie… […]

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Apple’s making me sick…


iTunes changing music tagged Soundtrack to Filmmusik, another thread and guess what, i experienced the same feature. I really like some of the “i take care of your problems stuff” like don’t thinking in mp3 files anymore but in a collection but this is nuts. I choose soundtrack as a genre intentionally and nothing else. […]

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Negative Erlebnisse


Ein kurzes Update bzgl. meiner Installation von Oracle VM Server. Der VM Server ist stupide einfach zu installieren. Alles, was danach folgt, ist eine Qual, wenn man einmal den Komfort von apt-get, debian und co. kennen gelernt hat. Ich habe gerade das Gefühl, ich werde wahnsinnig dabei. Es ist unter Oracle Enterprise Linux ohne weiteres […]

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