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Oh, all that entitlement…


There was a tiny tweet yesterday, resurrecting a talk from Christin: In 2011 I saw @ChristinGorman hold this fantastic lightning talk/rant at JavaZone, and I have never forgotten it. So, Christin, if you want some return on investment on your speaking, look no further. Here is this gem for you all to enjoy — […]

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How to get data into Neo4j?


This is the second post in the series of From relational databases to databases with relations. Check the link to find all the other entries, too. The source code for everything, including the relational dataset is on GitHub: post has also been featured in This Week in Neo4j. To feel comfortable in a talk, […]

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An HTTP api for analytic queries


This post has been featured on This Week in Spring – November 8, 2016 and I’m so happy to be referred as “friend of the Spring community” 🙂 So, you have read through the previous parts of this series (1, 2 and 3) and you now have a Spring Boot project with jOOQ enabled, an […]

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Thoughts about architecture


Most people slice their cakes like this: Image by Elaine Ashton and in most cases not horizontally but still many developers, like i did in the past, slice their packages that way. Really, just slapping classes into packages named “Model”, “View” and “Controller” doesn’t implement that pattern. @jensschauder has written much more eloquent than i […]

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SQL Snippets


Some useful SQL Snippets: Oracle Create a date without any formatting hassle (like to_date): SELECT DATE’2014-01-01′ FROM dual;select date’2014-01-01′ from dual; Extract values as numbers from a date object SELECT EXTRACT (YEAR FROM DATE’2013-05-06’) FROM dual; SELECT EXTRACT (MONTH FROM DATE’2013-05-06’) FROM dual; SELECT EXTRACT (DAY FROM DATE’2013-05-06’) FROM dual;select extract (year from date’2013-05-06′) from […]

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