Rails and Grails revisited

June 25, 2007 by Michael

I’ve never thought that my little little post would made such an impact.

While writing that post i was frustrated explaining the Spring configuration to my colleaques again, i was frustrated over the url mappings and so the post was a little harsh.

I don’t think that Hibernate is inferior to Active Record, regarding Spring and ActionController, i cannot tell, i like ActionController just better.

Anyhow, bring all three parts, model, view and controller, together… And see where Rails shines: In ease of use and working right out of the box. No wonder they came up with this whole screencasting things (at least, i never saw this before), it’s just impressing.

Instead of pushing out framework after framework, view technology after view technology (Faces, ADF, etc.), they bundled working things together and i think that’s what people like about RoR.

And i guess there’s a need for such think on the Java side of life as well… If not, why is the Grailsteam working on Grails? To paraphrase my last post positive: They bring good things in a nice package together.

For getting me into groovy i must thank the people behind Grails, this stuff is really cool.

For further reading i recommend the following posts:

Apart from this, can please anyone assure me, that some of the questions on the SCJP exam are a little weird and not really from this world? 😉

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