Weekly digest 2022-49

“Immer wenn du nicht mehr weißt, wohin mit dir, hab’ ich ‘ne offene Tür…” Danger Dan
December 9, 2022 by Michael

This has been a somewhat bleak and dark week and I’m not feeling overall happy, I have to say. The weekend was pretty excellent with me doing the ATG-Winterlauf for the forth time:

Despite being now way too much over 40, I just got faster every time. 16km with a pace of 4:16. That is not bad at all.

Also, one of my kids turned 13 and wow, time flies. It was a nice day.

But things went down from there this week… 13%, 17% and now Neo4j as well. The company I work for also layed off a considerable amount of people. I wonder if this is the way forward… I found this piece on Stanford News that resonates a lot with me.

Also, direct friends and good acquaintances mourn the loss of a friend. Today, I’m gonna include a video to the quote in the subtitle above at the end of this digest. If we know each other and you need someone to talk, feel free to give me a ping.


The things I enjoyed this week include the book “Life Cycle” by Frank Glanert. On the outside it seems to be another book about cycling and the love for bicycles, but it is actually a book about change, communication on eye level and making cities more human friendly places. But also about the pure joy and happiness nearly any bicycle and movement in nature can give. Highly recommended.


After the successful release of Neo4j-OGM 4 last week we have been occupied with migrating a bunch of projects to JDK 17 fully. Of course they have been compatible and did run great on latest JDK, but since this week, both Neo4j-Migrations and Cypher-DSL are fully build with JDK 17 and both are proper modularised. I learned a bunch of things about the Maven shade plugin on the way, but after all, pretty enjoyable. I opened a PR on the GitHub release radar for Neo4j-Migrations, I hope this gets included.

Also, there was a nice discussion on Twitter after I mentioned the beauty of Java 17 pattern matching, especially with the instanceOf operator:

Anyway, I’m gonna call it a week now. Stay safe and do something nice recharging you. 12 more days until Winter solstice, I can’t wait for the days to become longer again.

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