Spring Boot @WebMvcTest and MessageSource

Working internationalization in tests
August 4, 2016 by Michael

Spring Boot makes it really easy to translate your application. As soon as a message.properties and accompanying message_*.properties are on the class path, it configures a org.springframework.context.MessageSource which can be used in view templates or inside a controller layer through org.springframework.context.support.MessageSourceAccessor as I have done here.

If you wanna test this, either your controller or if your translating your views correctly and you are using the new Spring Boot 1.4 test improvements, you’ll have to manually configure the MessageSourceAutoConfiguration, which isn’t done by @WebMvcTest like so:

        controllers = BikesController.class,
        secure = false        
public class BikesControllerTest {

See complete example here.

This took me a while to figure out, so I thought that this is maybe useful.

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