Burning Geek Insult Con

August 17, 2016 by Michael

Some weeks ago this thread escalated quickly:

and the idea of the Burning Geek Insult Con was born… Bring your favorite IT discussion from the internet into real live…

We could over tracks like Tabs and Spaces (no explanation needed (ok, well, not exactly, how many spaces for one tab?)), The best editor in the world (for realz) and many more… What about Buildtools? For sure, not all has been said about Maven and Gradle… And should you use Groovy or Kotlin? I’m quite sure someone has a strong opinion… Anyway, MAKE is the way to go.

If we finish the track Databases (sorry, we don’t offer NoSQL stores) with survivors, we invite special guest to decide, which ORM to use or wether to use an ORM or not.

I’m quite sure I have forgotten stuff… Like IDEs, OS and such. In the end, it doesn’t matter anyway.

I love to try out new stuff, pretty much everyday. But regarding applications that should life longer than a month, I’ll try to be consistent with regards of the tools used and how they are used. What has been true with monoliths is still valid with micro services: Architecture and the role of the an architect is about communication. And communicating for me is much simpler if me and my team can come to agreements on tools.

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  1. Ralf Müller wrote:

    So, is the CfP open?
    Will it be a virtual conference?

    And by the way: I am glad that you did not mention sbt…

    Posted on August 17, 2016 at 1:14 PM | Permalink
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