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Change of perspective: A NetBeans testimonial


This post is long overdue since JavaOne 2014. I’m not getting payed for it, it’s more a thank-you to the whole NetBeans team for bringing some fun back into my everyday coding life. I’ve been an Eclipse user for a long time, i think way back 10 years ago when it didn’t have a name […]

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What’s the fuss with Java 8 Optional?


I’ve been asked several times lately by colleagues what the Optional<T> is good for, so today some more basic stuff. You can use the Optional class is as an elaborate null check like Optional<String> optionalString = Optional.ofNullable(someString); if(optionalString.isPresent()) { String string = optionalString.get(); }   // Or worse // String string = optionalString.orElse(null); // null […]

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