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Destroying what you love to do…


This is probably gonna be an exceptional personal post. I love coding. I live and breath this. My mind is a bastard, it seldom sits down and does nothing. There are endless possibilities out there, coming to it through my wonderful timeline, blogs, reddit and more. New technologies i want to learn, new things i […]

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Why does this always happens to me…


…yeah, this thing happened only once, but its a great example: I heavily use email on my mobile phone. Actually, i’m using ssl for sending emails. Suddenly out of nothing it stopped working. Receiving via imaps wasn’t a problem, but outgoing mail stuck with “unrecognized command”. Yeah, great. Checked configs in my phone, on my […]

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First time ever to Cebit


Yesterday i meet Jan in Hanover at the Cebit:   Talking with him was great, Cebit… I’m not so excited. Less comercial overkill and more interessting nerdig topics would be better. Also, i woke up with cold this morning, should have listened to this post. Anyway, was a nice trip in the end and not […]

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