On installing Windows Vista

June 30, 2007 by Michael

A Microsoft employee describes installing Vista on his Dell Machine as a “personal hell”:

It said “Copying files 0%”. And there it stayed. I left for half an hour, came back and it had copied files but was at “Expanding files 1%”. I went to bed, woke up the next morning expecting to see a shiny new Vista to play with. Instead it said “Expanding files 24%”. I thought it had hung, but no: every few minutes the drive would spin up, and every 15 minutes the percentage would go up by 1. I estimated it would take 30 hours to expand the files at this rate, so I left it running all weekend. After a total of about 40 hours, I saw a login prompt. I logged in, and sat looking at the Vista background for eons, and went to work (the weekend being over and all). When I came home the machine had black-screened.

Read the full text here.

The weirdest thing i found in the comments:

I tried an install of Vista recently to try it out as a media center machine. I couldn’t see any of the machines on my network, until I remembered I’d need to change the workgroup name.
I did that, and Vista told me that I would need to reboot in order for the workgroup name change to take effect.
Are. They. F-ing. Kidding. Me?

After all this years, Windows needs to reboot after changing the workgroup… Welcome in 2007. *sigh*

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