Why does this always happens to me…

October 1, 2008 by Michael

…yeah, this thing happened only once, but its a great example:

I heavily use email on my mobile phone. Actually, i’m using ssl for sending emails. Suddenly out of nothing it stopped working. Receiving via imaps wasn’t a problem, but outgoing mail stuck with “unrecognized command”. Yeah, great. Checked configs in my phone, on my server, nothing changed.

Today i read this:

Der Mobilfunkanbieter O2 filterte in seinem UMTS- und GPRS-Netz zeitweise Befehle zur Aktivierung von verschlüsseltem E-Mail-Versand. O2-Pressesprecher Albert Fetsch erklärte, Ursache sei ein Software-Update und ein Hardwaretausch einer Firewall an einem Standort im Core-Netz Anfang September gewesen. Das Problem sei nur punktuell aufgetreten und nun behoben.

Source heise.de

It basically says that German provider O2 filtered some commands for encrypted email, namely STARTTLS.

I recently got the impression that i always stumble upon such things, invest a whole lot of time, get angry, stressed and what not. I hate feeling miserable for other dickheads mistakes.

Apart from that, interesting lapse to make in a softwareupdate.

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  1. tante wrote:

    Well trying to enforce non-encryption is important for mobile providers: As soon as they let you create encrypted traffic you might start using your bandwidth for Voice over IP which cuts directly into their profit margin 😉

    Posted on October 1, 2008 at 3:54 PM | Permalink
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