Monthly Archives: December 2011

Git snippets


These are a view things that i had looked up to solve some problems and i plan to update this post regularly… To push a new branch to remote git push origin new_branchgit push origin new_branch To delete a remote branch git push origin :new_branchgit push origin :new_branch To push new tags git push –tags […]

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oEmbedding twitter updates with Java and WordPress


I’m really a big fan of oEmbed. My project Daily Fratze acts as oEmbed provider and consumer for example. Now I’m really happy that twitter announced that it now acts as an oembed provider: Introducing the statuses/oembed endpoint:… ^TS — Twitter API (@twitterapi) Dezember 8, 2011 (I’d even be happier if twitter would autodiscover […]

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Scripted network mounts with Windows


I have some services and scheduled tasks that call a Batch file under windows. The scheduled tasks cannot access network drives that the assigned user has defined, but luckily there is a “mount” pendant within Windows as well. To mount a network share within the Batch script use: net use t: \\server\share /persistent:no The authentication […]

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