September 12, 2014 by Michael

Hi, long time no see… I really had a lot of work to do, been doing some freelance work in the nighttime and then there’s certainly my family. And apart from that, my current setup for this years projects is working quite well, thanks to Spring Boot and NetBeans for example.

Recently i had some failing tests. I used to Mockito to verify method calls and though i was sure the tested code was correct, the test kept failing.

What was wrong? The verification of calls run before the next mock. So what was failing was the previous test and I was too stupid to see the navigable exception at first (and second…).

To avoid this behavior and make the test fail that actually fails verification, add the following to your test class:

public void validate() {

or run your test with the MockitoJUnitRunner.

Read some about this behavior in the Mockito API: Mockito.validateMockitoUsage.

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