Book: arc42 by example

April 25, 2016 by Michael

title_pageHere’s a shameless self plug for the first book i’ve contributed too:

arc42 by example by Gernot Starke, Stefan Zörner and myself.

This book contains several real-world software architectures, documented with the practical arc42 template.

You will learn about the inner workings of a chess engine, a huge CRM system, a cool web system to track biking activities and an extremely small menu-bar application.

This is a direct result of a Gernots course for the iSAQB I attended at the end of last year. I’ve started to use arc42 and it really helped me a lot: For my pet project as well as “professional” software development and I’m more than happy that Gernot decided to include my example.

You can get our book at Leanpub.

Also, check out Gernots visit at the EuregioJUG: Rückblick zum aim42 Vortrag mit Gernot Starke (de).

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