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Adding Spring-Integration to a Boot application


This weeks post has some anecdotally value for me. 9 years ago I wrote a horrible tutorial about threads, which I really liked back then. In the meantime I often thought I should delete the post and only kept it around to prove some improvements on my side ­čśë Anyway, the code in that tutorial […]

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In der vergangenen Woche war ich in der gl├╝cklichen Situation, einen weiteren Kurs mit Gernot Starke, Peter Hruschka und Carola Lilienthal zu besuchen. Der IMPROVE Kurs war nicht nur ein hervorragender Baustein im iSAQB CPSA Advanced Level, sondern ein hervorragender Austausch zwischen Entwicklern und engagierten Trainern. Nat├╝rlich fand’ ich auch die konkreten Themen zum Refactoring […]

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NetBeans IDE plugin supporting programming with Spring Boot


There are several plugins out there for supporting Spring development in NetBeans, but the NB-SpringBoot by Alessandro Falappa seems to be the most feature complete. At the moment installation must be done via manual download from here but that should be fixed soon. You’ll get a really nice Spring property support: Great integration with […]

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On dependency injection


Today is one of those days where I either react to short tempered or don’t get my point across: Did attribute injection for years? Try to change to constructor based injection and have the circular dependencies slapped into your faceÔÇŽ — Michael Simons (@rotnroll666) June 13, 2016 This is what I’m experiencing those days, with […]

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