April recap: JAX 2018 and having a bestselling book on Amazon

The Spring Boot 2 book peeked under the top 500 amazon.de books
April 28, 2018 by Michael

We’re only in for 4 months in 2018 and I can not believe all the stuff already happened. I did one final iteration of my talk about Spring Boot starters at JUG Saxony in Leipzig. It was their 100th meet up and the welcomed me with great hospitality. I was very happy to meet my friend Oliver there. Just a day later, several colleagues from INNOQ and I met at our Berlin office for a workshop about cherishing communication by Spring Boot Book started to appear in physical form on Amazon and other shops just in time for JAX.

My colleagues Martin and Simon at the booth:

Thanks a lot to Ralf for helping us with the booth. Also for challenging me with a complicated topic which should be way more simple:

I had a fresh new talk with Michael Plöd about Spring Boot 2 hot topics on a ridiculously large stage:

The talk went very well and spiked the sales of the book a lot, resulting in this:

I’m actually a bit overwhelmed. The book hitting place #478 in all German books by the end of Thursday was a blast. Thank you kind people out there for supporting me. Keep sending me all those unwrapping pictures, I’m already looking forward to your feedback. Maybe in form of a review?

JAX itself ended for me coaching in an architecture retreat with Susanne, Peter, Jörg and Eberhard. It started a bit out of my comfort zone but it was a good thing todo.

Back to the book:

Analysing a book

The following content is a Jupyter notebook. It’s an embedded Gist. You can clone it and use it as a base for your own experiments.

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