March 2018 recap

Finished Spring Boot Buch, spoke at JavaLand, wrote more stuff…
March 31, 2018 by Michael

March 2018 was a damn crazy month. It began with the release of Spring Boot 2.0 which meant big congratulations to the whole Spring Boot team and more work on my side: I’ve updated all examples for the Spring Boot Buch, went through the manuscript one last time and sent it to my publisher. I’ve written the book with LaTeX, using Minted and Pygments for syntax highlighting and I think the people at DA-TEX did a stellar job for the final typesetting:

Also thanks to René Schönfeldt at dpunkt for your support during the last year and getting that thing to the printing plant in March. Also many thanks to Eberhard Wolff. He helped me with valuable feedback and mentoring throughout the last year. The book should hit stores any time soon now. You may get it at Amazon or an ePub version at dpunkt plus.

Dating back to November of last year, Dominik asked me to write about Spring Boot 2 for JAXenter. Those articles came out in March, too:

Those post are German but are being translated for the english portal as well at the moment. I’m quite impressed how many rubber boot pictures are out there.

And then there was JavaLand 2018. I have been to every installment of JavaLand, have been involved two times in the program committee, spent last year as a mentor at JavaLand4Kids and this year, I could be a mentor for my friend Felix who spoke about generating tests in the newcomer track in the fully booked tent:

Thanks a lot for putting your trust in me, Felix! Inspired by the success we had and Timothées talk about mentoring, I’d love to do that again.

I myself feel blessed and lucky. 2 years ago, I was invited to speak at Spring I/O 2016 about Spring Boot starter. First public talk ever and from there on the ride got a bit crazy. 15 more talks leading to this audience at JavaLand and I’m still totally stocked:

Thank for being there!

Last but not least: Several services I worked on the last 3 months went into production. One based on a mix of Jersey/JAX-RS/HK2, two Spring Boot based. I’m totally thrilled how easy one could integrate Spring Boot with just a few starters into a foreign ecosystem.
The team basically could still write JAX-RS-Resources as used too and enjoying all the good stuff that comes with the Spring ecosystem, mainly Spring Data repositories and especially Spring Integration. Incredible how easy and clean flows can be defined by the Java-DSL. I was asked what the advantage of Spring Boot was for the new services compared to the old stack: Even though I had to write some integration points, we could work on a much faster pace, having to deal a lot less with plumbing code and concentrate on the business value.

April will start with vacation for me and hopefully, I’ll finally hold a copy of my book in my hands during the next days.

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