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Java implementation of Excels statistical functions NORMINV


I was recently in need of a java implementation of the inverted normal distribution function, named “NORMINV” in Excel 2003 and later: NORMINV. I only found a JavaScript implementation in kmpm’s repository norminv.js. It has quite a history, coming over C# from C++. I have the impression nobody wants to deal with the mathematics 😉 […]

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Java 7, JAAS and Kerberos Single Sign-on vs. newer Windows Systems


Java Authentication and Authorization Service aka JAAS is a pretty neat way to build a pluggable authentication mechanism for a Java application. My goal was to build a Single Sign-on (SSO) mechanism targeted on Windows machines (Windows XP SP3, Windows 7) that uses the cached kerberos ticket. The jaas configuration should be pretty simple: name_of_the_login_context […]

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Java stuff


Here is some Java stuff I’ve written over the last year for Daily Fratze. All of the stuff is in use on Daily Fratze since June 2011. java-akismet java-akismet is a simple client for Akismet based on the latest version of Apache HttpComponents. java-oembed I really like the idea of oEmbed: A mechanism for auto […]

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