Weekly digest 2022-45

November 11, 2022 by Michael

Tja, it had to happen at some point: Twitter is dying, I need a new old outlet. I have now this

but also this

I am not really happy about the situation and am reconsidering what to do social network wise. I never really missed my Facebook account that I deleted (at least I hope it’s deleted) more than 2 years ago. Might as well that I go a bit more silent and reluctant on those tools in total. I wish however to stay connected and do something reassembling a heartbeat. And this is my first attempt at it. Anyway, let’s go:

My week startet by participating in a 16,5km run:

I did this for the first time in 2019, then in 2021 again now this. My times went down from 1h:22min to 1h:17min and this year, 1h:15min for a light trail run with about 260 meters of altitude gain. I’m super stocked about that. Read more about the race here.

The working week I travelled to Malmö for the second time this year. I work for Neo4j (and we just released Neo4j 5, you might want to check out the release) and our engineering headquarters are in Malmö. However, I was invited to speak at Øredev there, which made me super happy and proud.

I spoke about GraalVM, Quarkus and how our driver works with it. You can see the slides here and there will be videos I heard:

Also on the conference was my friend Michael Hunger. We spent some really good quality time and also met Sebastian Daschner:

I also got some work done! Shortly before Twitter started going down in flames, I wrote one of my most successful tweets:

And in that light, I do now require Java 17 for neo4j-migrations. Java 17 provides better performance during runtime, but it is also so much nicer with text blocks, records and other smaller and bigger things. You might want have a look at this commit. Some of the big line savings come from the fact that I had a multi-release build that used some Java11/17 if available though.

I am now sitting at the Copenhagen airport after traveling the Øresund bridge by train:

More bridges, less walls I’d say. Next week, Neo4j will host Nodes2022 for free. Use this link to register and sign in if you’re interested technical talks about graph and ecosystem. Until then and please all, stay sane and healthy.

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