biking2: Four years later

Upgraded my cycling page to Spring Boot 2
June 27, 2018 by Michael

I have written a book about Spring Boot 2, taught Spring Boot 2 at customer but haven’t had time yet to update to use Spring Boot 2.

That project is – in it’s current Spring based incarnation – with me since the first early access releases of Java 8 and the first betas and release candidates of Spring Boot (for example, see that post).

I started the migration in a separate branch in the public repository while I was tracking the massive amount of changes in Boot in the last quarter of 2017 for my book.

Today, I finished it. The branch has been deleted, but I kept the most relevant commits and prefixed those that I think are important with Boot2. I rearranged and squashed a lot of the commits, I don’t expect the single commits to compile. The latest commit however does.

I personally found the changes in security a bit though to tackle but worth the effort. Also, if one relies on the Actuator Metrics endpoint, there’ll be some tasks ahead. The migration was in over-all quit smooth and pleasant.

The one thing that bit me though was the fact that I start the application with -Dspring.config.location=conf/ In Spring Boot prior to 2 this adds the given location to the configuration. With Spring Boot 2 this replaces config location. I have this in my book, so I really think I’m getting old. The correct way in Spring Boot 2 to add additional config location is -Dspring.config.additional-location=conf/

In the process of upgrading I also upgraded and tested my wro4j-spring-boot-starter. Since 0.4.x it’s fully supported on Boot 2. I will not maintain the older branches until necessary. At the moment, wro4j seems a bit dormant anyway.

Anyway: A big thank you to all the people in the Spring Team and other contributors for answering my questions, discussion issues with me, providing great software and in general for being really kind and welcoming.

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