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Being lucky and doing something good
September 1, 2018 by Michael

Some weeks ago, my friends Judith and Christian, who write great Steampunk, Fantasy and in the recent time science fiction books for whom I wrote this little Kotlin app had a good idea:

And I was like:

My book Spring Boot 2 has been a bestseller this year and I still got quite a decent revenue from arc42 by example that I co-authored with Gernot Starke and Stefan Zörner.

Keeping my promises, here are the numbers: My share of royalties of the arc42 by example book has been 112,15€ from June to August. Gernot, Stefan and I split revenues, so that is only my share. Gernot himself already donates through Leanpubs causes. I don’t have numbers from my publisher for Spring Boot Book. I therefore decided to round this number to 250€:

Me and my family have been incredibly lucky the last years and I’ more than happy that one can give. We live in Germany and despite some idiots on various (social) media, it’s really fortunate to live here. Health care is working, social system as well. We don’t have war but clean water, food and everything. We should not forget that this is by far not self-evident for many, many people on this planet-

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