Spring Boot Buch: Getting there

Three months working on a book
April 1, 2017 by Michael

The third month was a though one: It started with a workshop in Düsseldorf, lead by innoQs Till. “Skalierbare Web-Architekturen” got me the last points I need to do the ISAQB-CPSA-A, but I wish they workshop had taken a different direction. Anyway, not something I can blame on Till.

I changed my milestones a little bit. After getting really valuable feedback I was occupied working that into the book. As it happened the chapter “Die Magie hinter Spring Boot” was a good fit finishing, so I did this before writing about persistence:

While trying to write the persistence chapter, a lot of stuff happened: I was occupied with an In-House APEX-Workhshop lead by Niels de Bruijn. The Workshop was great and I am convinced I chose the right tool for the special combination of task ahead and people available. Let’s see how that turns out.

Shortly before going to #JavaLand 2017, I setup the Spring Boot Buch Twitter account. Support me here, if you like: @SpringBootBuch. See what I did with the profile picture?

At JavaLand I asked Kai Toedter – to who’s music I am listening while writing the post – if I can share his neat idea to create small Spring Boot Docker files in the book. I can and I am happy about it.

Also in Brühl I finally met Thorben Janssen, who’s Book “Hibernate Tips” will be published on April 4th. It was a pleasure talking with Thorben (and also fun 😉 ) and I’m looking forward to his tips who which I contributed a small part.

I chose the title picture for this post to pay a little tribute to Markus @myfear Eisele. Thanks for kicking of JavaLand 4 years ago.

Next month I’m gonna first finish the persistence topic before finally getting work done on my bigger example project.

Last but not least I want to mention that I didn’t drink any alcohol for nearly the last 3 months. Sadly, I didn’t loose some kilos, but anyway: I actually feel a lot better. I do have more strength again and sleep better. Not more, but a lot better.

So, until next month 🙂

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