September wrap-up

Rewriting Security, Actuators and adding
September 19, 2017 by Michael

As the keen reader may have noticed, there hasn’t been an August summary about the work on Spring Boot Buch. There have been several reasons: At the end of July I gave in the manuscript for lecturing at dpunkt.verlag. After that, I took all holiday I had left at my current company and went on family vacation to Hamburg and Norway, which was really great.

End of August, I met with my new colleagues from innoQ in Edinburgh, my first “innoQ weit-weg-event”. That was quite something. 3 days of discussing all kinds of staff in an open space format. I probably was much quieter than my usual self because I was pretty impressed by this knowledge around.

Regarding my book, I had the chance to review the reviews together with Eberhard Wolff at the innoQ event and incorporate some of it into the manuscript. Thanks a lot for that ūüôā In fact, that was a huge part of what I’m doing right now: Reworking some stuff based on the reviews and reworking much more stuff that just got merged in to the master branch of Spring Boot 2.0 and is available in milestone 4, mainly autoconfiguration for Security and a lot of changes to the Actuator endpoints, including support for Micrometer. Madhura Bhave has published a blog about the changes regarding Spring Boot Security 2 and St√©phane Nicoll wrote about the new infrastructure for Actuators.

Spring Boot takes automagic away for the first time: It’s doing less autoconfiguration for Spring Security and even that backs off completely if you add your own customization. I think in this area that is a pretty good idea, but will lead to interesting upgrades.

Actuator endpoints changes a lot, too. Contentwise, facing monitoring tools and stuff, but also internal. That builds the foundation for technology agnostic implementation: Actuators can now be reactive as well, being based on JAX-RS or as one is used too, based on Spring Web MVC.

The metrics support through Micrometer is going to be awesome and will add value for many apps.

All those topics will be covered in my book. Right now I’m polishing the index, updating my examples to the latest milestones. After that, the manuscript gets out to spell checking and stuff. When the result is processed, all examples are hopefully based on a release candidate so that everything can go into layout. The book will be out not much later than January next year. I In any case, I’ll have it with me when I speak about Spring Boot internals at JavaLand next year.

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